Tom Kingsley directs TV and film and adverts which are often intentionally funny and look nice. Right now, he is directing Jamie Demetriou’s E4 sitcom Stath. He has directed Liam Williams’s BBC3 mockumentary Pls Like, two short films for Sky Arts, and a spooky episode of Channel 4’s series True Horror. Tom also directs commercials with Blink Productions, and has had over 50% of his music videos shown at the BFI

Tom has directed two features with Will Sharpe, the first of which - Black Pond - was nominated for a BAFTA, and the second of which - The Darkest Universe - wasn’t. Together, Tom and Will won the Evening Standard’s Best Newcomer award and were named by Variety as two of the Top Ten European Directors to watch. 

Agent: humphrey@independenttalent.com

Commercials: paul@blinkprods.com

Tom: trak20@gmail.com